MWI Subscription Redirects [SOLVED]

I’ve setup my system with a shared voicemail box. My phones, Grandstream GXP2130s, have a field for voicemail account number so that’s not a problem. The mail button goes to the correct account.

But there’s a switch for “MWI Subscribe.” I’d love for the MWI light to light up when there’s mail in the shared box. Unfortunately, the MWI Subscribe setting sends a subscription request for the extension number and not the shared mailbox number.

Is there any way to redirect MWI Subscribe requests from one account to another?


Found a posting elsewhere that had my answer. For each extension I added “VM#@default” in Mailbox under the Advanced tab.

So, in my case, the shared mailbox is 91. I put “[email protected]” in the Mailbox field. The MWI light came on. No need for using the subscribe config on the phone.