MWI=> strange behavior

I am trying to pick up the MWI from my VOIP provider (Anveo) and have it appear on my ATA (Grandstream), but a couple of weird things are happening. I put a line in sip_general_custom that says:
mwi => 1234567:[email protected]:5010/100
And I changed the mailbox for the SIP extension (301) to:
[email protected]_Remote

First odd thing is that the MWI on the extension doesn’t come on. A “show subscriptions” lists the extension and shows the mailbox as 1234567 (but no context). For the VOIP provider, it lists the subscription mailbox as ‘none’.

If anyone is using the mwi=> setting, could you tell me how it works for you?
What does your “show subs” list for the extension and the ‘source’?
Should the VOIP provider mailbox really be ‘none’?

Second, and really odd thing is that my subscriptions keep multiplying. After booting, “show subs” lists TWO mwi subscriptions to the VOIP provider. If I make any change through the GUI and do a Apply Config, I get two MORE mwi subscriptions to the VOIP provider. Each time I do Apply Config I get one or two MORE mwi subscriptions. Right now, I have 8 separate subscriptions to the VIOP service, each with a different ID number. Wireshark confirms that there really are this many subscriptions active.

Can anyone tell me where all these subscriptions are coming from?
And how to stop them from multiplying?

Any help is appreciated. More info on request.

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