MWI not being turned off when voicemail is deleted in the web UI (asterisk 1.6)

I’ve gotten freepbx 2.5 working fine with asterisk 1.6 (several weeks now). The one lingering issue: when I have voicemail(s) which I listen to and delete via the handset, when the last one is gone, the MWI goes off as expected. Not so if I delete all voicemails via the web UI. The light continues to flash and I continue to hear the stutter tone. If I log in to the vm system using a handset, I’m told (correctly) “You have no new messages!”. I then hangup, and voila, the MWI light stops flashing (as expected.) I’m 99% sure this worked okay when I was using asterisk 1.4, but I’m not quite sure where to start looking - obviously 1.6 is doing something different, so if someone can give me a hint where to start looking (in the freepbx/web UI code), I’d be appreciative.

Apparently there is a new directive in /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf, ‘pollmailboxes=yes’. Not working yet though…

If you feel that this is something that should be included, please open a ticket!

soon as i figure out why it is not working :slight_smile: