MWI no update after checking VM only after VM deletes

Is there a way to get the message waiting indicator (MWI) light to turn off after checking the messages in UCP? The MWI will turn off only if I delete all the messages in UCP, but if I want to keep some of the messages the light will continue blinking even after checking all of the messages in UPC. The only way to make it turn off is to login on the physical phone and go through all the new messages. Not that big of a deal if the users only get 1 or 2 messages but it is a pain if we have several messages in the inbox since the light will continue blinking and there is no way of knowing if it is because of new messages or the messages I already checked in UCP. Any suggestions on this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Asterisk 13.7.2
Freepbx 6.12.65-32


You need to move the messages out of the inbox folder.