Mwi + nat

Hi everyone,

I posted this on the pbx in a flash forum as I thought it must have been specific to them, but Ward ask me to post on here, so there you go.

If it has been posted already I appologise.

"Hi guys, not sure is this has been mentioned anywhere else or maybe its just something odd on my install.

I had no sip_nat.conf so I created it manually.

Also MWI on some phones requires an entry for the mailbox number (*97) this had to be added to sip.conf under the [general] section with vmexten = *97

If someone could add to this to let me know if it was something odd on just my install or if these are bugs.

Thanks guys for a great looking product."

Karl Linley
2 Source Ltd.

sip_nat.conf is an optional configuration file as are many of the _custom.conf files and does not come standard. You would need to create it if you need it. As far as vmexten, there is a feature request for that. It is normally handled in a phone’s provisioning but we will be reviewing adding it into a sip_general_additional.conf file of some sort.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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sip_nat,conf must be something the trixbox guys add into the setup as ive never had to create it previously.

As for mwi, if its already in hand then ignore the post :slight_smile:



maybe they did add something, or maybe you have had it in your config for some time. It’s really a bit historical and it can just as easily be placed in sip_general_custom.conf (or what ever I called the include file).

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx