MWI Is Delayed on Voicemail Delete

Hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction on this…
When a voicemail is left, the phone MWI starts blinking immediately after the caller is done leaving the message… that’s good.
Then, I access the mailbox (*97), listen to the message, delete it, and hang up. The MWI continues to blink for ~10-20 minutes, then goes out.
I can get the status to update right away if I SSH to PBX and “fwconsole restart”. As soon as the services start up, MWI will update on the phone. I’ve tried changing subscription settings on an extension between Auto, Unsolicited, and Solicited with no change in results.

I have Asterisk A20 and Sangoma S206 phones on my system. Pretty new to PBX systems, so please let me know what steps I can try or if you want to see any log output.


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