MWI hitting phones and making notifications over and over

Common complaint from users that seems to have started recently.

User A has a voicemail he hasn’t listened to yet. Clears the notification on phone and goes back to work. An unspecified amount of time later (maybe about an hour or 2), the notification pops up again. This continues until he clears the voicemail.

MWI subscription is off on the phones (Yealink T23G). Any ideas?

That doesn’t matter. There are two types of MWI, solicited and unsolicited based. Depending on your sip driver type it could be doing the unsolicited method. If polling is enabled in voicemail then every x poll seconds it will repush an unsolicited event to the device until the voicemail is “read”.

Thanks. Using chan_sip

Is there a way to switch it to solicited, where I assume the phone must check?

As a different workaround, I can disable these notifications on the phones, but that might lead to other issues.

You can’t disable this on chan_sip.

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