Mute ringing of a phone while it rings

the devices we use, that register to FreePBX, are some Grandstream ones.
I have googled and searched all the forums but I couldn’t find any solution to a demand I had from the users:
When someone calls them and the phone rings, they want to check who is the caller (name, phone etc) and they want to silent the call ringing but without pressing the “volume down” button multiple times while it still rings.
That way, the caller will stay on his speaker waiting for the phone to be picked up, but the callee will be ignoring him without the caller knowing.

The DND button won’t do, once it doesn’t do anything while the phone rings. In general, it notifies ALL callers as line busy, while we want the choice to be done individually per call by the user.

Any ideas?

I’ve thought that I could forward the call to a virtual extension, so it will ring forever in that extension… But I can’t find any way to transfer the call while it rings on my extension.

Is the goal to just ignore the ring until the call goes to voicemail or whatever the failover destination is? If so, just pressing the hangup button while the phone is ringing should do it.

To expand on @lgaetz idea - set the failover destination to “terminate call - ring” and the phone call will be dropped into the void while allowing the phone to move on to more important things. Press the hangup button and drop the call.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work… if I press the hangup button (the mute/DND button), then it just continues ringing…
But I don’t want the caller to understand that he got dropped, I just want to ignore the ringing and a caller.

For example:
I see on the screen of my phone that Test_user is calling me… I don’t want to speak to him right now, I don’t want to hang him up and I don’t want to listen to the ringing.
I’d like to press 1 , max 2 buttons, and then the phone will go silent until the end of the ringing… so the next caller will ring normally again!

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