Music On Hold

Have setup the Music on Hold and the system will only play one of the songs, have tried to enable the random play but that does not seem to work. This is a fresh install of FreePBX completely updated.

I set up FreePBX using an ISO image that I downloaded from it is called AsteriskNOW. I then updated it so we are running version 2.8.04.

contents of musiconhold.conf

; Music on hold class definitions
; This is using the new 1.2 config file format, and will not work with 1.0
; based Asterisk systems
#include musiconhold_custom.conf
#include musiconhold_additional.conf

contents of musiconhold_additional.conf


MOH Show files Output.

Class: default
File: /var/lib/asterisk/moh//wav_03_Buika_El_Ultimo
File: /var/lib/asterisk/moh//wav_02_DKrall_Frm_this_Moment
File: /var/lib/asterisk/moh//wav_01_Zee_Avi
Class: none
File: /var/lib/asterisk/moh/.nomusic_reserved/silence

Do you seriously expect an answer to this question without providing any information at all?

How did you install FreePBX, versions of Asterisk and FreePBX, contents of /etc/asterisk/musiconhold*.conf, CLI output of ‘MOH show files’ would be a good place to start.