Music on hold

Is there a way music on hold can leak into conversation when the other party on the phone transfers your call?

You’re not the first person to mention something about this in the past couple of weeks, but I don’t remember any troubleshooting or followups.

Knowing the details of your system and how you are using the system, as well as the steps you undertook before it happened would help.

I install a lot of systems that use FXS and FXO ports, and there are wiring problems that can cause this without even breaking a sweat.

Thanks for your response Dave,
Dicko and Ski king have tought me what i know about linux, centos,asterisk, sip, and pbx
not to mention ip tables.

I cant get into the details of the system that i am haviing problems with because this forum does not support it.

However i will be brief and say its a hosted pbx "underlining problem --no controll"
I created a user account on this forum friday then tried to log in, But system down for maint.

I am doing my best to pursuade this cusromer in utillizing your software.

After installing centos 6.3 freepbx, astrisk iso
run from consol off the iso via DVD
yum -y “desktop” “desktop platform” “x window system” "fonts"
then type
yum install firefox
do not install webmin yet untill we talk , you should be up and running from the consol type init 5 , which will load your graphics
then you should be up and running