Music on hold wont play my files

Hi there!

Thanks for looking in on my issue, hopefully you can help.

I have successfully uploaded a file into mt FreePBX system for Music on Hold. Previously this file was working, but now it is not.

When I place a call on hold, this error pops in the terminal view:

ERROR[3624]: chan_sip.c:30426 setup_srtp: No SRTP module loaded, can’t setup SRTP session.
– Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on SIP/###-###-####

It then place some elevator muzak instead of the uploaded WAV file. The file is selected in the default section of Music on hold.

I am at a loss and need to get this resolved.


Asterisk Version 1.8.15
Having trouble finding the FreePBX version (help too?)

and has the proper permissions and is properly recorded, then the question would be are there other files loaded and are you using sequential or random play?

I have checked and the file is in proper format and is theoretically in the right place, as I re uploaded it in the music on hold screen.

and this same file was working previously.

I see no other files in the music on hold area. If there was some web gui file management it would make it alot easier… (I have previously requested this in the proper forum).

Where do the files actully live in the linux end of the file system?

any word on any help for this?