Music on hold volume control not working BUG?

Hello All,

In trying to lower the volume for the MOH, you go to the user panel MOH and then drop down the menu from 100% to lets say 75%, however there is no way to hit enter or confirm the change, so it simply doesn’t change.

Suggestions or confirmation of a bug?


That setting is only used on upload of the MoH file. It can not adjust the volume once the file has been uploaded. You would need to delete the loud file(s) and then as your upload each file pick which setting you want it at.

Thank you!

To be able to re-process the Music On Hold audio files to a lower volume would be a great new feature.

I’ve noted it as a feature request. Just FYI (not sure it will net you much time) you can modify the gain of a moh file if you ssh to your pbx and:

cd /var/lib/asterisk/moh
sox foo.wav foo_new.wav vol .50

the above copies foo.wave at half volume. You can keep the same filename by keeping the second name the same as the first.

So what do you do after that? I imagine the file was loaded into memory at some point and is being re-played from there. While rebooting the PBX would certainly force a new read of the file is there a way to do this ‘on the fly’?

Also trying the ‘sox foo.wav foo.wav .50’ just mangled the file for me :frowning:

Thankfully I did a ‘cp foo.wav’ before hand and then ‘sox foo.wav’ and it looks ok :slight_smile:

If you look at the man page for the sox command, by typing man sox from the command line, you will notice you have to specify -v for volume. So, the command you’re looking for is sox -v .5 foo.wav quietfoo.wav.