Music on Hold Streaming

Folks, has anyone streamed music on hold through FreePBX from TuneIN or Pandora? I am finding that only certain URL’s will work in the streaming for FreePBX.

Leaving copyright discussions aside, you should be able to stream almost anything that can be accessed through a URL. Depending on the stream format is the tool you will be using to transform the stream into something that FreepBX can use.
You have a little of searching/reading ahead. Google is your friend, as much as your will to try and keep trying until you make it work for your particular scenario.

Thanks so much ! I found it !!

… which we can’t actually. This is a topic that comes up from time to time, and we all put our “Internet Lawyer” hats on.

Check with the people that provide the original feed. There are some that allow you to do this, there are others that won’t. Use the ones that do - don’t use the ones that don’t. Get your permission in writing.

In the US, if anyone (like a recently fired disgruntled employee) tells the FCC or the original source you are doing this without permission, they can get paid and you can face a relatively HUGE fine. At that point, you roll the dice. If you get lucky, they’ll say “So what”. If you hit someplace associated with Disney, expect to be out of business in a month.

Sirius XM provides a streaming services for MOH that is pretty reasonable (and legal!). I believe around $25.00 per month.

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I was just referring to the fact that I would not be addressing any possible copyright issues, just the technical part. By no means my intention was to say that it might be OK to violate any applicable copyright laws.

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I figured, but because of my experience…

Funny story: I worked for a place that did this with a local radio station. Local news, talk radio, no one makes a peep. One weekend, someone calls and gets IVRed into On Hold music. The Huskers are on the radio. The company forked over $10,000 to the FCC and $240,000 to UNL. We stopped after that.

Thanks folks, we can all stop replying now.

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