Music on hold stops ringing ring groups

Well, my be the description is not the best: what happens is, when i get an inbound call, the call is sent to a ring group, if not answered, it’s sent again to a different group. The caller listens to music of MOH, but a small silence or a “click” is heard in this group changing. It’s not very elegant. The “jumping” between groups can be apreciate.

Any idea to solve this? Thanks!

Not to bring up an ancient thread. Have the same issue… is there a fix or workaround?

Ne details what system you are on. And no logs… Hard to say what the issue is.

This behaviour is same in any version. T happen to me in FreePBX 13 and 14, and asterisk 11 and 13.


Ok, can post some logs?

Knowing what we know about the way calls are handled, I doubt there’s any way to prevent this. Your call is being moved from one feature to another (even though they are the same feature) so I doubt there’s anything you can do using this particular inbound call structure,