Music On Hold settings

Ok. I give up. I’ve created an MOH category with some different music. Where do I assign this in FreePBX ( to play this music vs the default stuff?

The easiest way is to delete the sound files in the default MOH group and upload your own. That will sort of replace them everywhere.
If you created a new group then you will have to change the MOH in every extension and inbound route as well as anywhere else you use MOH like Queues and such.

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Thanks!! Thats what I ended up doing to get these changes in. Maybe I’m just more blind than I thought, but where do i even set these? I was going through Trunks and Extensions, and didn’t see any references to MOH with a drop down box to even select it. Am i just not seeing it?
When I exported by extensions to excel, i see an MOH section set to “Default” so i attempted to manually change it there to reflect the name of the MOH group i created, but that didn’t seem to even take.