Music On Hold restart

For some reason, music on hold returns to the beginning each time I place a caller on hold. For example, if I need to place a caller on hold, speak to them and put them on hold again, they hear the first few seconds of the same song each time which I imagine is highly irritating.

I have found similar problems already solved, but this problem continues to me courage.

before some updates worked correctly

This patch has just been released:

but my problem persists.
my version of asterisk is 13.19.1

Target Release Version/s:
13.21.0, 15.4.0

thank you so much andrew. I’m waiting for the update.
do you think to release it soon?
Thanks for your help

We are discussing this on the phone right now. I hope soon


hi Andrew,
sorry, the update has not yet been released?


I just changed my prototyping installation to sangoma-devel and am soooo happy that this has been fixed. Had to disable queue position announcements on the live system after complaints… I’ll be even happier when this makes it into the public release. I’m gonna have to keep quiet about it or management will be pushing me to upgrade live to 13.21 lol

OK - I have put this comment on the 13.21 thread too… has anyone testing this noticed a change in queue announcements behaviour? It seems to be ignoring the “Minimum Announcement Interval” setting and always defaulting to 15 seconds?

any news on this too?

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