Music on Hold problems

I’m working with a FreePBX ver., and I cant get the Music on Hold working?! When I upload files (MP3 / WAW) it wont work, when i choose them to be played in my queues :frowning: Not even with small waw files as 46 kb :frowning:

I’m green, newbie, n00b and what so ever in FreePBX, so please be patent with me :slight_smile:


Log into the asterisk console. Place a call on hold. Paste the output here so we can see the debug messages.

Not sure I get a debug message. Where can I find it? Sorry…

When you log into the server from a command line and start the Asterisk console (i.e. asterisk -r) and make a call and place it on hold you will see messages scroll across the screen. These messages will contain info we can use to debug the problem.

At the command prompt the log level is set with the verbosity command:

‘core set verbose x)’

Log level 3 is a good place to start.

Don’t forget to enclose the output in the [code]tags[/code] so we can read it. Long logs should be posted to and a link provided in your forum post.

well, I’ll try that tomorrow, when I’m back at the office. Until now I have only been using the GUI from my labtop to make everything work, except programming the numbers and mac-adresses… Everything works, call-groups, queues, IVR and other stuff… Just not the hold music :frowning:

I’ll try to find a log, first thing tomorrow

I looked in my log, and I dont want to post it all, bc. I think I can see, what is wrong in theese 4 lines

[Nov 18 07:49:02] WARNING[16536] format_wav.c: Can only handle 16bits per sample: 1 [Nov 18 07:49:02] WARNING[16536] file.c: Unable to open format wav [Nov 18 07:49:02] WARNING[16536] res_musiconhold.c: Unable to open file '/var/lib/asterisk/moh/loller//wav_sample': No such file or directory [Nov 18 07:49:02] VERBOSE[16536] res_musiconhold.c: -- Stopped music on hold on SIP/1002-00000124

Guess I need to find a 16bits sample… I’ll do that. But I guess there is a problem with the path? There are two // ind 'loller//wav_sample’
How do I change that?
I simply used the ‘On hold music’ menu in my GUI, to upload the sample. So why does it get a wrong path? :frowning:

Problem solved. I found a 16-bit sample, and now it works… Guess those two // in the path isnt a problem?!

Thanks for helping :smiley: