Music on Hold Issues

Hi everyone,

I love FreePBX, it has replaced my aging Hybrex IP system, which was costing a fortune :slight_smile:

Now I am having a rather quirky issue with FreePBX at the moment. I have several inbound routes, one for each DID I have. Each inbound route is specified to use the default MoH category.

I also have one queue, but it’s MoH class set to a category other than default, named “Queue”. It has a single file with periodic announcements within it, namely “The line is currently busy, please hold.”.

The Queue is set up to play MoH until an agent is free, then it progresses to display ringing tone to the caller, until the agent picks up.

That is all fine and dandy, however my problem is that when the agent picks up the call, but needs to put the caller on hold, the MoH category is still that of the Queue, not of the Inbound Route.

So the caller gets the “The line is currently busy” message periodically instead of the default on hold music which is the same music, except without the periodic announcements. This would be rather confusing/annoying for the caller.

Is there any way to change/fix this? I really like the way it is set up, makes it seem very professional, and I’d hate to have to lose that because of this minor issue/bug.

Let me know what Asterisk logs/console outputs you need.