Music on hold daypart

Is there a way to have the music on hold switch categories at specified times?

Customer wants to put different messages-on-hold in several categories and have system change categories at specified times.

You would need to write a script and fire it off with cron that moves the files in and out of the MOH directory.

I would build sub directories off of the MOH directory with the different play sets. You will the need to run asterisk -rx ‘moh reload’ at the end of your script.

I’m not much of a script writer. What would someone charge to write something of this nature?

About an hour to write it an hour to test. Another hour if you need it all explained to you.

So around $500 with complete documentation and hand holding. I am sure someone will do a rush job with minimal docs for less. Personally I don’t work that way. I like to make enough money that I can take care of the customer.

Besides in my experience you always get a few out of scope questions.

If it’s something like Music on hold on certain queues or ring groups you could setup different MoH categories rather than just have the default. The you could setup different versions of each queue and/or ring group using different MoH categories and use time conditions to switch between these at specific times of the day. However this could get a bit messy and would not address music on hold used on any extensions, etc.