Music On Hold - Change default group for hold


I have a custom group for MusicOnHold that I use for conferences and queue hold music. Music works as expected (using my custom moh category) for Queues and conferences. However, when I put someone on hold, the moh plays the 'default" category. How can I change the default moh category to play my custom music? Do I have to just copy my custom music into the default moh folder and restart asterisk? I assume that would work, but i’d like to just change the behavior of FreePBX.


Ditto. I’m confused too. I created a custom category and uploaded some music. How do I select that new category as on-hold music for calls?

Wait, I created a ring group for inbound calls. That has a “Play Music On Hold” option. I can select my new custom category there.

But how about outbound calls? They might want to be put on hold too?


Duh. Outbound Routes | Music On Hold

I missed the outbound routes - music on hold. Thanks!

Did you or @kbocek ever find an answer on how to accomplish this?
I’m using a stream for my main inbound MOH but I’d like to use the same stream for outbound calls to. Currently I’m having to prerecord an mp3 and play that back.

If I hear you right, you want MOH for outbound calls. Conectivity | Outbound Routes. Select your route and there is a Music on Hold option.