Multiple vm boxes on a phone

FreePBX 15
asterisk 16
Sangoma D series phones

I know there’s a way to set this but can’t remember if I’ve done it right (and I’m not onsite). I’ve got a virtual extension with vm to dump all “support” calls to if nobody answers the ring group. I want every phone in the ring group to get the alert that there’s a vm in that mailbox and be able to access it from the vm app on the phone.

Is the “extra” mailbox set up in the pjsip extensions module or the user module?

If I understand what I’ve read correctly, I should be able to go to admin > User management > > Phone Apps > Voicemail

and then add the additional voicemail boxes I want the phones to have access to. This should light up the LED at the top of the phone correct?


OK, not sure if this is the absolute correct solution but it’s what is working…

  1. applications > extensions > > advanced

Add additional [email protected] in the mailbox field. So if it’s extensions 100 and you want to also monitor vm for virtual extension 240 your mailbox field would look like:

[email protected], [email protected]

  1. settings > endpoint manager > template for phones > Options > Voicemail Key Type = Voicemail application

  2. Admin >User Management > > Phone apps > voicemail >

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