Multiple transfers = Call Dropped

We are having a weird issue. Currently we are running version Whenever an outside call is transferred more than 2 times, the call gets dropped. The transfers happen between internal extensions so the PBX isn’t sending the call to an external number. Any ideas on how to prevent this from occurring?

Need a call trace of this happening:

Here is the trace via pastebin
The transfer happened fine I believe 3 or 4 times but on the last one, the call disappears from the phones and the outside caller hears “there was an error with call forwarding”.

Output is a bit more verbose than I was expecting, but it looks like the call is dying because the TTL channel var is decremented from 6 each time the callerid macro is called. This is a bug that was addressed months ago.

Your system is out of date, update your modules in Admin, Module Admin.

I updated all the modules and it seems to be working fine so far. I will be conducting some more testing in the coming days.Thank you for the help.

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