Multiple Time Conditions

Maybe I’m missing it but I’m not sure if this is possible?

But Basically we have 3 periods of a time condition

There is a manned operator to take a call, however the blocks between those two shifts there isn’t so it should go to a voice mail which is a third number.

So I know I can set a condition obviously for 7-4 and if it doesn’t match those hours it goes somewhere else. But how would I do it so that

7am-4pm - number 1
4pm-9pm - answering number
9pm-5:30am- number 2
5:30am-7am - answering number

Saturday & Sunday answering number only

Create 2 TC. One for the 7am to 4pm (TC1) and another one for the 9pm to 5.30am (TC2) shift.

TC1 match → number1; not match → TC2

TC2 match → number2; not match → answering service

The TCs will also be for only work days, like M to F. On weekends it will go through both and then to the answering service.


thanks I gave that a try!

Hi ! Did it work, if yes you can mark spioli’s response as solved !

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