Multiple Sites: 2 AsteriskNow boxes using SIP

I can’t find any info regarding inter-office calling, extension to extension, with 2 AsteriskNow boxes, 2 physical locations, using SIP. Is this even possible?



First, I would not use SIP for that, I would use IAX. There are plenty of tutorials, several on this site, that address that. I know I have written several. Here is one of them:

Thanks for the response. The reason I was asking about SIP is that a number of trunking providors I’ve spoken with have discouraged me from using IAX, they contend that the protocol is susceptible to being blocked on routers , whereas SIP is always an open protocol on all routers, thereby making SIP more reliable. I take it you’ve had no problem with IAX, have you implemented this for clients and it’s working consistently?

It would seem if you are routing between two locations you control, then if there were router issues, you could fix it. IAX works very well in many environments and I would start with that. Have you been using google to research this?

I did and this showed up 1st:

Make google your buddy.

The ITSP’s you are talking to only understand SIP and are taught to sell around IAX carriers. In my opinion, IAX is the superior protocol. It only uses one port, which makes NAT traversal easier, not harder, than SIP. Just open port UDP 4569 on your routers and set up the trunk.

Yes, I have a large number of customers trunked with IAX. The only SIP trunks we use are to ITSP’s.

I agree with John.

Once you have the IAX trunks working you can either then make trunks and dial plans to route between and/or take a look at setting up Dundi which will allow both boxes to talk to each other and tell the other one which extensions are available on the other and they will suddenly know and make life easier.

Dundi is not the easiest thing to setup the first time but it’s well worth it once it is done.

If you search this site there are several good pages on it and if I remember correctly John also has a nice Dundi setup page on his site.