Multiple site setup

Good day,

I have 3 sites using FreePBX.
One, is my headoffice PBX. I have a SIP trunk, with 10 DID.

I have 2 other sites. One (site a) with PSTN adapter (grandstream), and using intra compagny to call both other sites.

The other one, site B, have an IVR, with multiple extension and ring group, and Time Condition using IVR.

Can I take one DID from my headoffice PBX, and assign it to my site B, as if it was a local did? So when people are calling that number, it look the time condition one site B, and play the proper ivr?


Why not setup a cloud based PBX and connect from all locations to one server? Or connect via VPN to your main office.

I dont want a cloud PBX…

and I was looking that way to give a certain independance of each site

… or why not continue to use the method you are and just throw the trunk over there.

As long as your ITSP is good with simultaneous connections from multiple sites, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to throw the DID straight to the server. You can add additional trunks to point to the other two server for whatever you are doing. It should be dead simple, and you avoid all of the problems that a cloud-based server that isn’t really under your control can cause.

For a simple two or three phone system, cloud based systems are OK, but if you look back through the archives here, you’ll see that half the problems we see are either problems with phones not being supported by EPM or cloud-based systems causing all sort of unreproducible errors that we end up not being able to help with.

Setup a trunk between Head Office and site B

Point the DID to that trunk ( it will need to be a unique trunk )

In site B, set the destination of the trunk to the Time Condition/IVR

I cant connect multiple PBX to my ITSP.

I have a device provided by my provider in my facility. My pbx connect to that device… and I can only have one device connected to it…

So, that is why Im asking if I can assign a DID, setup in my incoming route, to a trunk that goes to another site.

As i said

Setup a trunk between Head Office and site B

Point the DID to that trunk ( it will need to be a unique trunk )

In site B, set the destination of the trunk to the Time Condition/IVR

Sorry Ducatiboy… when I replied, I hadnt refreshed the page :slight_smile:
Will try


All good mate

You could do the same for all of your DID numbers and have them go to any connected Asterisk box

You need to look at it from a call flow point of view

If you have problems then let me know and i will try and help you out

Good morning Ducatiboy…

On the box where I have the ITSP (let’s name it CorpPBX), I have assigned the DID i want to the trunk that goes to my other PBX (let’s name it MolsonPBX)

On MolsonPBX, I create an incoming route of “ANY”, so any did that will enter to that trunk, will be assigned to my time condition. But, for now, I have assigned it to one extension directly.

Internal call work perfectly, both way, no issue.

But now, when I call on the DID, I see it coming in CorpPBX, and sent to MolsonPBX… but, it look like that the box is sending back the call to the outside world, without ringing the phone at all.

This is a context issue. Since internal calls are working, that tells us that the trunk context on the MolsonPBX is set to ‘from-internal’, so all your calls are treated as if an internal user has dialed them. That means that inbound routes are ignored. You need to set a Misc Application, set it to the DID being delivered from the CorpPBX, and set the desired destination for calls to that DID.


I then tried to change the context for :from-trunk, and it work

but now, can i have 2 context on one trunk ?because I want that inter pbx treated as internal. Or should I then create 2 aix trunk. one for the DID with the from-trunk context, and one for internal?


No. I gave you the solution, revert your changes and create the Misc. Application.


it worked!

Another quickie… if you know…

on my sites, I have extension 201 to 215 that are existing on the 3 sites… I had no choice as it was builted like that, and I cant change extension numbers…

but now, If, from extension 201 on MolsonPBX, I call any extension on CorpPBx… the named showed will be the one matching the 201 on CorpPBX…

any way to fix that?