Multiple Sipgate Trunks

Hello All,

I’m very new to Asterisk and FreePBX and have been enjoying its benefits on our single trunk - This is where it goes wrong!

We wanted to add a second Sipgate trunk to our installation so I duplicated the working trunk and replaced the username and passwords etc.

The FreePBX system status shows two trunks online but no registrations.

They work if the other is disabled.

Any ideas or requests for more info are welcome!


If you are registering to the same server you don’t need two trunks.

Two different usernames should work for registration.

Why can’t your provider just allow multiple calls to the one account? If the provider only allowing one call per trunk it’s not really a trunk nor designed for phone systems.

You want to consider out SIP Station product. It is completely integrated with FreePBX at a competitive rate. Plus you are supporting the project.

They are two sipgate trunks - can handle more than one concurrent call each.

Basically there will be two phone numbers operating from FreePBX

  • What do you mean by just two different usernames?


A registration string consists of a username and a password. You should be able to register two different users.

You can send an infinite number of DID’s down a single trunk.

We use Sipgate no problem registering two or more trunks, as Skyking says one of our trunks can handle 4 calls at a time never tried more so dont know.

Sipgate settings took us a while to get right.

Peer Details

username=USER NAME
fromuser=USER NAME
authuser=USER NAME

And change your registration string