Multiple Sip Trunks


I am looking for some general information on how you would configure multiple SIP’s on a single pbx server. I have successfully got my first SIP working with freepbx 2.1.1. I have ext 1 and 2 on all 5 of my ip phones up with! What I am trying to do now is work on the second SIP which I will have as ext 3 and 4 on my phones. I have added the sip just like the first. I have as well made and registered 2 more extensions per phone. However when I use the extionsions on the phones it is still working with and not the SIP I just added. This may be a ridiculously stupid question but how would you define which extensions use as their SIP? Any information on this would be a great help. Looking for a push in the right direction.


Set the Outbound CallerID of a Trunk. Usually, this can be the account number or a DID number.

For incoming route.
In your inbound route, use that Outbound CalledID as the DID number and point to forward to an extention, IVR, etc.

For outbound route
Set a prefix such as 9 or any unique number (as long as it is not being used in as feature code, etc) to access that sip trunk and set the proper sip trunk in the Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes.

Enjoy experimenting.

Also remember that FreePBX is a PublicBrancheXchange and not a “key system” it is possible but self limiting to use FreePBX as such a “key system”, I suggest you think ring groups and queues, add an IVR and you will be convinced. :wink:


Outgoing now is a different story. I am reading up on dial plans. Its like taking an algebra lesson. So if I understand what you are saying, and I click ext 3 (SIP #2) on my phone and dial 9 plus the number It will work.

Is there any other way? can I just click ext3 and dial without a number like that?