Multiple SIP trunks and DID problems


I setup 2 sip trunks on my freePBX distro 2.10. When I specify a DID in each outbound route, incoming calls fail with the message that the number is not in service. When I leave the DID’s blank, incoming calls work. However I must leave at least 1 CID field populated or it won’t let me save the configuration because the two routes are identical.

Why when I populate these fields with the correct DID’s, incoming calls fail on either trunk?

Why do you need two identical trunks, that makes no sense.

Nextiva SIP trunks provide 1 concurrent call per trunk. I need two trunks so when the first trunk is in use, there is another available…

So the trunks have to be different in some way.

What is so special about this provider that would make you want to jump through hoops like this? I can’t think of a reason why they would constrict you to 1 call per trunk.

Hey I rewrote the original post. I wasn’t worded correctly, sorry.

I chose Nextiva based on a lot of things. Is there someone you recommend that allows multiple calls on a single trunk? I assume you are referring to bursting?

I have two small offices across town from each other. They are connected via VPN. I created an IAX trunk between them. I assumed that having my SIP provider forward a call from one trunk to the other on busy would be simple. Nextiva doesn’t do that. Now I am forced to try and take the single trunk at each location, combine them on one PBX, and try to make it function so the relocated trunk acts like it hasn’t been moved. This is all because Nextiva won’t forward the call unless both trunks are on the same account, at the same location.

Any better ideas?


I have never heard of anything like this. They won’t send more than one call to a trunk and they won’t do rollover.

Every carrier does that that I am aware of (until now). Schmooze just bought the sipstation product we sell here and is in the middle of revamping the network. It will be the most reliable and integrated FreePBX fully.

It seems to me you have a single line to a phone service not a service engineered for pbx termination. I agree with Skyking that you would make life easier by going elsewhere. Voipms, Nuvio and Sipstation to name but a few offer what you need.

You can do what you want with your present setup but it will always be messy.

Well thanks for the info. I guess I’m going to investigate other sip providers and start over.

Damn! I almost had this thing finished they way I wanted it and then I discovered this problem, so I tried to reconfigure both trunks on one PBX, and BLAMMO! Everything turns to poop.