Multiple SIP accounts NAT

Hi all,

When configuring a SIP phone with four local SIP extensions, which is connected to Freepbx on the local net, shall I set nat=yes in extension configuration? thx.

If you are using the phones on the LAN then nat=no.If you have to pass in and out of a nat then nat = yes.

Thanks for the fast reply. I am afraid but I could not get the point. The freepbx is connected to an ITSP through two SIP trunks to outside. Could you elaborate on the last sentence( pass in and out). Thx

If the phones are on the same physical network segment as the server NAT=no

If the phones are on a different segment then NAT=yes

For lurkers on this thread if you have a VPN or MPLS or other connected subnets that do not traverse NAT then you still leave NAT as no and add those connected networks in an additional localnet setting in SIP settings module.

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