Multiple registrations from same ip device

So I have an old Epygi gateway, with one pri and one fxs port. The fxs port registers to my FreePBX box.
For the pri port I have a sip trunk.

I get a digest authentication error, the device send as username the one that I have filled in my sip trunk but asterisk compares it with the one that the extensions has. Something like this

WARNING…: chan_sip.c:16702 check_auth: username mismatch, have <937>, digest has <10000>

I setup my trunk with host as dynamic and I register one more ip account from the gateway to use this and avoid ip authentication but whatever I try asterisk just goes and compares the digest with the last one that have read.

The Epygi gateway cannot listen to different port for each voip account so ip and port authentication is out of the way, but why asterisk keeps reading wrong the invite packet?
Is there anythin else to try. My sip trunk options are the following


Well everyday you learn something new in the Asterisk world.
Of course after days of searching and anxiety but it is what it is.

So for all the people that searching why in the hell asterisk keeps having digest errors but you are sure that you have setup everything right put this in your sip options through freepbx


When you have enabled the user based authentication, asterisk uses the from field to get the username. Put this in your installation and it will read the username from the auth field keeping you incoming callerid nice n clean.

This option makes a lot of sense and I don’t know why it’s not the default behavior.

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