Multiple Queue´s and multiple business

I have a freepbx server that 3 business is using.

Each of them have its own Queue and users. And im using prefix 0, 1 or 2 in costum extension to get the follow me using the right trunk out for each user´s cell phone.

E.g. user 200 have a followme to extension 2001 that is a cell phone. So I use Local/0xxxxxx@outbound-allroutes for the cell phone.

But some of our users work´s for both 2 or 3 of the company´s
and are logged in as agents on multiple queue´s. The problem now is when they recive calls from other queues than their primary one on their cell phone, the call cames from their primary trunk and they dont know from wich queue the call is routed from.

Can I somehow force calls from one Queue use a specific outbound route for follow me calls?

I can fix this by using “Agent Announcement” and tell the user from wich Queue the call came from before they answer but I dont like this solution.

Would be very glad if anybody have a solution for this problem.