Multiple premium numbers

Dear all,

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I would like some assistance, am having a current freepbx with one e1 and using digium single span card and using pstn connection from a Telecom company. I am running premium services and would like to configure 2 numbers/lines on one e1, how can I do this such people can call number 1 and 2 at the same time but with each number having different service.

I am also using follow me feature to divert calls to about 10 different mobile numbers is it possible for more then one call to come through to different numbers is one of the numbers is already engaged?

I will be greatful to any assistance, am a newbie.




You will want to set a few inbound routes (under Connectivity) and enter the DID number at the top, and set a destination at the bottom. Also, yes, subsequent calls should still ring through follow-me if a given endpoint is in use.