Multiple Pin Sets

Hi all,

I have a bit of a weird setup and I was wondering if you guys could help me out or make a suggestion as to the best way to solve it.

We have 60 phones throughout our campus, 50 are in offices (secure’ish) and 10 are in public areas (Staffrooms & boardrooms).

We’ve had some problems recently with staff using some of the phones in the public areas to make a lot of personal calls and we have decided to implement Pin Sets which allows us to better track who’s actually making the calls.

At the time, we also want to restrict who can make international calls.

I’ve created 2 pin sets: “Local” and “International” and I’ve also created 2 outbound routes which uses dial patters to determine if the call is an international call (the it requires the “International” pin set, and if it’s local, then it requires the “Local” pin set).

Seems simple enough, however, all of those with phones in their offices are now required to enter a pin whenever they want to phone.
So I have allowed pinless dialing on their extensions but now the “International” pin sets are ignored. Obviously we are able to see if one of these extensions has dialed an international number, but only after is has happened.

Can anybody suggest a better way of setting this up?


Depending on how your extensions are setup, you’d want to create a third outbound route that will narrow things down a bit for you. What that third route does will depend on your extension setup. For example, if all your offices are say Ext 2XX, and all the public phones are Ext 3XX, then you would setup your 3 routes:

  1. Local Pinless - Matches Local numbers - has a CID field of 2XX
  2. Local Pinned - Matches Local numbers
  3. International pinned - Matches International numbers

With the outbound routes in that order, the first route will see if the caller is from Ext 2XX (one of the offices), and let them dial without requiring a PIN; if not, then they fall through to the 2nd route which requires a PIN.

If you don’t have an easily discernible set of extensions for offices VS public, then you’d have to either add a pattern entry with a CID that matches each office number:

  1. would have patterns

Or, you could do the opposite, and put the CID matches on the public sets, and just swap the route order (so the PINNED local route would be first, then the pinless for anything that doesn’t get matched).