Multiple phones with the same extension

FreePBX Distro I have an install where some users have multiple phones so I need to setup FreePBX with one extension for users but multiple phones. Do I need to use user and devices mode for this. I have never used user and devices mode. Can I easily convert a system from extension mode to user and devices mode?

You can’t have more than one phone registered to a user at the same time.

Device and User mode will allow you to login to different phones “hot desking”

You can change modes at will from advanced settings.

So my boss decided that this was possible (and who would think, he did not tell me) and told the customer it was possible for the system to have multiple phones behave as the same extension. Do I have any options?

I did setup a site where I gave each phone a different extension (example 101, 102 and 103) and then setup the aliases for the 102 and 103 to be 101. I then setup find me follow me to have any calls to 101 also ring 102 and 103.

My first comment is your boss should not be selling phone systems he doesn’t know anything about then putting it on you to make them work.

When you install these systems and collect good money from people to configure them you are public ambassadors of the project. Did he tell the customer this is free software and what you are selling is your services to configure it?

You should correct the oversight with the customer immediately.

What kind of phones are you using?

Most phones support the subscription to a park key. Parking is usually an acceptable substitute for Shared Line Appearances if demonstrated properly.

I have multiple phones that that look like they are assigned to the same extension number, but really are not. My desk phone is 103, which everyone knows is my extension, but I have a softphone at 203 and a SIP client on a mobile at 303. I have follow-me set on ext 103 so that all three ring together, and I have the internal CID set on all my extensions so it looks like I am calling from 103. Configure all extensions to use the 103 VM box and watch out for extension specific dialing rules, it follows the CID not the extension number.

Using Polycom IP 550, IP 650 and 4020 DECT cordless phones.

The cordless phone won’t do anything. The IP550 only has four line keys, so you could use 2 for parking.

Create a ring group, that will be the “Main Extension”

create an extension for each of the phones for the user…


Phone 1: Ext 600, Spoof the CID to Extension 105
Phone 2: Ext 601. Spoof the CID to Extension 105

Then create a Ring group 105
Select "Ring ALL"
Add Extensions 600,601
Set NO Answer destination to VM

Now, if you call ext 105, both 600 and 601 will ring at the same time

When you call other extensions, your CID will be 105, so others will call back the ring group