Multiple Phones with same extension and VPN

Am I correct that I cannot have multiple endpoints with the same extension and haven them connected through the FreePbx VPN. In the VPN Server I can create multiple certificates with various IPs. However, in EndPoint Manager, if I select an endpoint to use the VPN it only gives one choice for all all endpoints with the same extension. If I apply that VPN certificate to more than one endpoint it gave both endpoints the same VPN IP address and created great havoc.
I am either missing something or trying to do something that cannot be done.
Freebpx 15

What is the phone model in EPM that you are trying to configure with VPN?

Yealink T-54s is one extension. Yealink T-46s is another. Yealink T-54w is another.

When I created the main extensions for each user, I had a user created in UCP and the user had a default VPN certificate created.
So, when I go to System Admin\VPN Server what is see is a certificate for each extension. Each has an assigned IP.
When I then add more than one phone to the extension, and I Go into the EPM to mark the extension for VPN, there is only one certificate availalbe for the three phones. And it has the same IP.

When I go back to System Admin\VPN Server and add additional certificates the appear there fine.
But when I go back to EPM, I can’t see any of the additional certificates.

I tried creating an extension without the UCP user. Then going to EPM and trying to add one of my self created certificates. It wouldn’t let me do that either.

Thank you for responding with a question.

The issue is that I had a default when I created an extension to create a UCP user, and each new UCP user has an auto link - VPN setting.
So, when I go into System Admin/VPN Server, I see certificates for all my exset up the VPN certificates in System

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