Multiple phone lines, multiple trunks?

Total noob with FreePBX. I’ve been troubleshooting the setup for a FreePBX at a site. There are 3 POTS lines coming into a Sangoma System 60 with a Sangoma 4 port analog card with all FXO ports. There are 2 POTS lines with different phone numbers used. The desired setup is to have all extensions ring when either number is called.

I am able to get incoming and outgoing calls on g0, which has all channels assigned to g0. However, the only way that I’ve been able to get incoming calls for a specific DID (channel 2) is to choose the destination of the incoming route of the already-configured Incoming Route. I tried setting it up to route to the same Ring Group as the other Incoming Route, but this doesn’t work. When I set it to use the working Incoming Route, it only rings after 3 or more rings on the existing analog line, while dialing the already-set phone line will ring after 1 ring on a test analog phone.

I have checked and the POTS line associated with Channel 2 does not have Caller ID, as I’ve seen in previous posts that this can be an issue. I tried setting up a separate trunk with only Channel 2 being used, to no avail.

Any advice would be appreciated.

If I was setting it up, I’d set up individual lines for your inbound and only use G0 (or g0) for your Outbound.

One solution (and there are tons of other that may work for you) is to set up a ‘handler’ context (like from-line1-pstn) that sets the DID for each line. This way, you control the DID of the inbound call and can then just route everything to from-pstn (which doesn’t have DIDs, since DAHDI lines don’t support any kind of changeable DID). If you don’t want to set the DID, point the inbound channel to from-pstn directly.

After you’ve set that up, the rest of the system just looks like a standard SIP channel.

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