Multiple people accessing the GUI, and mysql tuning

I am running several servers, some with FreePBX and some with PBXact, all based on the 10.13.66-21 releases.

I really have two questions here, the first is one of our builds is a large PBX with more than 500 extensions, so as such it’s not uncommon for several people to be working in the PBX at the same time. If two people are in the GUI working at the same time, and someone makes a save, will it lose what the other person is doing??

As an example, if I was in UserManager updating someone, and someone was in say re-pointing an inbound route, is this covered in the design, or will one of us lose our work depending on who makes a save first?

The second question is, on this large system they have decided to add a pile of additional RAM, to see if helps performance, as the configs are so large it takes forever to do a reload/apply. With 128G of RAM in the server, is there any specific tuning we can perform (maybe bolstering mysql tuning) to try and take full advantage of this extra RAM to improve response times on administration??

Really, nobody has run into any of this? Someday’s I feel like I must be doing bizarre stuff with the PBX’s…

Having more than 1 person make a change usually wont create a issue unless you are both changing the same thing. For example you are both in the same extension editing something the last one to save is what would be written out in dial plan once you reload.

Adding RAM wont help much at all. Reloads are single threaded and its not a MySQL issue or a Apache issue. Its Asterisk and Asterisk will only process that reload and everything it has to do in a single thread and do it without loosing calls so its going to take awhile with 500 users. I would think 1.5 to 2 mins.

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Thanks Tony. So is Asterisk itself multi-threaded? I notice in apps like htop, it seems like it’s showing a batch of running threads…

Certain tasks in Asterisk are multi-threaded where others aren’t

Of course Asterisk as a whole is. Lots of processes like chan_SIP and others like dialplan reload and module reloads are not multi threaded.

Thanks guys, helps me better understand Asterisk for sure… Why I see what appears to be a boat load of threads on the large PBX…