Multiple Parties, Single Call

Is there a way to get multiple lines on a single call? e.g. I’m talking to Fred, but I want to bring Fred and Wilma onto the call.

I’ve thought of ways to do this, but they all seem quite clumsy (directing everyone to a conference extension), is there a simple or neat way to do this?

I’ve read that this would usually be dependent on the phone’s functionality/firmware. My current phones are Cisco 7940


Usually the ip phone support a conference call up to three persons. If you want to speak with more than three persons you will have to configure a conference room in your Asterisk.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

Daniel, thanks for that, clearly I was being daft.

The 7940 doesn’t give an upper limit for the number it will draw into a conference (I’m sure there is one., but it’s certainly greater than 3 from my quick test).

For anyone else wondering how to do this, it’s page 3-18 in the user manual (I’m not allowed to include the link, but it’s readily googleable).