Multiple Parking Lot Module Update

FreePBX community -

A few months ago we raised the money from the users to upgrade the custom contexts module. This feature was used frequently by users who generate real revenue from FreePBX based systems.

The next item we would like to tackle is multiple parking lots.

Imagine being able to create a parking lot with a single slot for a boss/admin type park pickup relationship. You could also assign a parking lot for shipping, sales etc.

This feature will go a long way to alleviating complaints from users that the system does not support Shared Extension/Line appearances.

Tony Lewis over at Schmooze has contributed developer resources. We need to raise $4000.00 to complete this project for release in 2.9

My team over at Micro Advantage has started the pot off at $500.00

A progress page will be posted in the next few days.

Let’s work together to keep the fine work of the FreePBX team funded.



Maybe I did not explain this feature well? Am I the only one interested in this module?

With the constant outcry for Shared Extension Appearance I am surprised at not even a single comment being proffered.

I’ll put in $100

Scott, you are not the only one interested and I am contemplating how much to coffer up as an individual.

I think it would be interesting to learn how this could be hard coded so “that it would work” can be borne out. It might be easier to garner interest with a way to demo the concept.

Robert - Do you think skepticism exists as to the functionality of the feature in Asterisk?

Certainly we could post some custom context code to demonstrate the concept.

Let me know what you think are viable next steps.

Thanks for the support.

Scott, I saw your initial post and right after I responded, I did a little research. It would seem that with a hand built Asterisk system, multiple parking lot(MPL) functionality appears there… But, given ( and I could be missing something ) the way FreePBX creates extensions-they are tied to a single PL. And hacking in the code bits to create the MPL for more than a few extensions would be problematic.

This is an important feature to have in FreePBX as just about every group of users that you propose migrating from to aging system that does offer SLA to Asterisk… still want it. I have always disliked not being able to give users exactly what they want.

However, I do think many potential implementer’s are not going to buy in without that “eureka” moment of mimicking key system SLA. As I personally prefer “that’s interesting” over “eureka,” it may be a good idea to start with a technical article on leveraging this new feature in the 1.6.x branch. With an “oh and by-the-way” pointer to the funding drive.

Get a few more people trying this out as a proof of concept and generate a little buzz?

My 2 cents…

How do I give you the Money…?

Floatinggeese - We will have a web page setup soon in the same style as we did for Custom Contexts.

I am going to take Bob’s discussion to heart and come up with a better technology demonstration to pique some interest.

I am not touting this as a substitute for SLA. The ability to have multiple parking lots is needed in many implementations.

I am also going to try and get a baseline requirements list by Philippe this week.

We would contribute $500 to this project but I would have some questions about feature set. Basically we have a PBX shared by multiple companies and we would need multiple lots but also protection between lots in the form of limits on who could answer calls in each lot.

I would contribute the same funds towards a larger day/night toggle index. 10 indexes are not enough for a 250 user system.


We would also contribute $500 towards the Multi Parking lot feature. We are running FreePBX 2.9 and this would be a great addition. I have another post about fixing the Parking Slot Announcement I would be willing to put out $500 to see a multi parking lot and the parking lot announcement fix so that the user hears the parking lot announcement. ref:

is this project still on?.. Let me know i’m willing to contribute with some money for this module.

The feature as currently deployed in Asterisk is not suitable for what we had in mind.

… Sorry to hear about that. :frowning:

but you still can do it under asterisk right?

Yeah but you can’t isolate the ringback portion of the dial plan so you can only have one abandoned context. Useless.

Got it…

but check what i found on PIAF forums.

They says

“If the call isn’t picked up by the timeout (in this case 45 seconds), it will ring back to the extension that tried to park it.”

We could never get it to work like that. Very interesting.

Adding the variable to the extension field is not a big deal.

Good, maybe the module can be done this way?

I did some research as I did not remember our dead end. The problem is once you set an extension to use a parking lot are you able to park calls or retrieve calls from the other parking contexts?

If you can’t how can the operator park calls for all departments?

This was our dead end last time.

as my understanding with this setup you should be able to do it, because it will tell you what is your parking lot spot, so you should be able to retrieve from any extension, basically this settings it is just to park the line in a different spot.

i’m going to try it later this weekend and see how it works.

Please send me a PM if you want to collaborate on this. I have some time this weekend.