Multiple outbound routes


I have a brand new office setup, I have around 15 stations. I currently have 3 unlimited Sipstation trunks but we will be expecting an increase in calls shortly. I was planning on adding an additional sipstation account to make it a total of 4. But I was wondering if I would be able to setup a failover so I dont lose any calls if more calls happen to come in. I was looking at flowroute or something with unlimited channels that charges per the minute. I currently have a flowroute account and have added it to the TRUNKS but I cant seem to receive any calls thru the flowroute after my SIPstation trunks are in use.


actually its the inbound routes i need help with…

Inbound routes is only half of it. You will also need SIP Station to call forward on busy to your flow route trunks.

so maybe my inbound route is setup correctly its just failing to forward on busy, I dont see an option when I login to sipstation. Is this something I would take care of with a suppor ticket to sipstation? Thank you for your response alan, I appreciate it.

You will probably need to check with sipstation for that.