Multiple outbound CID outbound routes

My client has 4 phone numbers which they want to use as CID:

Prefix empty => CID1
Prefix 0 => CID2
Prefix 1 => CID3
Prefix 2 => CID4

I have set the dail patterns to “.” to be able to call every number.

The first problem that appears is when calling 0xxxxxxxxxx (no prefix, 10 digits, starting with a 0 because all domestic numbers start with a 0) it’s using CID2 and not working because the number is incomplete.

Is it possible to use the prefered prefixes and being able to call all numbers? Or is the easy way out not using 0 as prefix?

I have set up 0 as a prefix on another server, but on that server I have only allowed domestic numbers, so the problem described is not at hand.

option 1: yes do not use 0 as a prefix.
option 2: if you have an IP phone which allows multiple accounts, set up 4 accounts on the phone(s). Give each account CID 1 thru 4

@busster8 I vote for 2.

I vote for 1 seeing setting up the accounts would have to be done on all phones and setting up the outbound routes only once.

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