Multiple multi-line phones and extensions... confused

So I’ve got my FreePBX setup with softphones for now… if I decide to say, add a couple 4-line phones, does each line belong to a separate extension or do I assign, say, line 1 on both phones to the same extension? In other words, do I need 8 extensions in Asterisk or do I just 4?


What kind of 4 line phones?

let’s say Cisco 7960, so 6 lines then I guess

You should stop thinking of a PBX as a key system, my guess is you are trying to build one, look into hinting, BLF and SLA if your phone supports them.

but most of the time…line on an sip phone they mean extensions. Do you really need 4 extensions…depends…again…most people don’t need 4…just 1

your lines are just buttons. On my 7961…I have 1 extension, 2 BLF/Speeddial to another extensions, others are setup for parking lots.

so can one extension (in Asterisk) have multiple assignments? or should it be strictly one extension is assigned only once?

Basically No, some phones support SLA but you can make a hunt group to try to synthesize a key-system though.