Multiple Lines (DID/extensions) on one phone

HI There,

I’m trying to setup a few different DID’s for different businesses to ring on one phone. The phone is a cisco 7960.

I setup each DID with an inbound route to go to an extension.

I then used endpoint manager to map the extensions to the buttons…

So far so good… Each DID rings to the right extention (as in I get the right voicemail)… But the line doesn’t ring.

Now, if I use the extension, I can make outbound calls, the DID is correct. All is good.

Now also, I looked at endpoint manager…

  • The first extension shows the IP address of the phone: Phone works well inbound and outbound. Functions as intended. normal phone icon on the phone
  • Thew second line, shows an icon with an X on the phone, outbound IS OK, inbound , nothing… No IP Address showing in endpoint manager
  • the 3rd & 4th, work outbound, inbound straight to VM, phone Icon is Normal, but the IP address in endpoint manager is the ip address of the pbx server (hosted solution)…

So I’m thinking in the endpoint manager, the ipaddress should probably be that of the phone, since the only extention that is working properly is the one with the local ip address.

I’m a newbie, and not great with linux, hence the graphical interface… Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Well, for anyone who might be interested, I figure out the issue… It seems there was a duplicate of my enpoint manager templates. I only figure it out in error. It seems the system had 2 entries with the same name and one wasn’t setup properly.

I created a new template and replaced all the extension mappings and voila ! Everything is perfect.

That said, I don’t know how a duplicate template was made.