Multiple Issues with EPM

Recently purchased the EPM to help ease the management of our phones, and so far, it’s been mostly smooth sailing.

One issue that we’ve run into, is that while we can set a Labels for Lines, the labels are not making it into the generated configuration files. For example, instead of the SIP username, we would like to have the extension number and/or PBX name on the line button. This is happening on both Polycom VVX and Cisco SPA phones.

A second issue, is when adding a BLF to the VVX Color expansion module, there is a PHP error. This error only shows when adding custom entries from the Admin page. Adding them from the UCP works properly.

`Whoops\Exception\ErrorExceptionUndefined index: type

The third issue we’re facing, is that SPA phones are asking for a password for the most basic of functions, such as Redial, DND, Forward, viewing missed calls, etc. I tried clearing the user password from the EPM global settings, but it will not accept a blank password.