Multiple Incoming Trunks from same VOIP Provider


im hoping someone can assist me in with my incoming calls problem i have

i have created 2 different trunks in my voip system but they both goto the same voip provider (same IP address and port)

we have aload of numbers coming in threw trunk 1 and different numbers coming in threw trunk 2

i have installed the custom context which allows me to set the different extensions to use either trunk 1 or 2, depend wat i set (works brilliantly!)

when i dial number 1 from trunk 1, the server picks up the call and passes threw fine, but when i dial number 2 from trunk 2, the voip server is showing the call as coming in through trunk 1 ???
i have FOP2 installed and i can clearly see the call come in but then says in in use on Trunk 1 instead of Trunk 2???

is the anyway or seperating the numbers to show on the correct trunk?

kindest regards