Multiple incoming DAHDI calls not working

New install with a 4 port DAHDI card (3 FXO, 1 FXS).
We can make multiple outgoing calls or receive a call and make an outgoing, but the second incoming call just rings with no notification on Free PBX.
Card is a TDM410P.
What have I done wrong?

Did you create your DAHDI Channel DIDs and also build inbound routes for those DIDs with destinations?

Yes, one DID for each channel. Tried with each DID’s actual CID and the same for all.
I have one inbound route for any.
We can receive one DID at a time, each DID works. If one is already in use, none of the other two will work.
Each channel is in the same group.
Outgoing round robins/ascend/descend as selected.

Does the second inbound call that fails show up in your cdr or the asterisk log files?

I don’t think so, what do I need to filter to see the progress?
I’m going to plug in an analog phone to make sure it is on my end.

Where does the inbound route point to?

I’ve tried a time condition that points to a ring group, the ring group directly, a single extension based on one of the DID numbers and a queue.

All the same result.

How many extensions on the ring group or queue?

I’ve tried 2 to 4 extensions. When I routed the single DID to one extension, it wasn’t in a ring group and the others didn’t ring on the second incoming call.

Probably a misconfigured ring group. Why don’t you try pointing all your DIDs to an IVR and see if you can reach it fron several simultaneous calls.
Take a look at the log when you’re calling in to see where the calls are going.

Sounds like you don’t have hunt groups setup on the lines with your carrier. If like 1 is in use your carrier has to fail the call over to the next line.

It’s the same setup from our old PBX, we used busy forwarding.
However only one outside DID works when calling one of the other numbers thus eliminating the rollover need. Not to say that we may need to use hunting instead to get the phones to rollover from the outside, but this is DAHDI issue.
I tried an analog phone on one of the other DIDs while a DAHDI DID was connected and the call come in.

Not sure this is an issue, probably a misconfiguration. Post your dahdi configuration and inbound route

Here is my DAHDI

Incoming route

and first ring group

First issue that I see, is that you have the FXS port on the same group as the FXO ports, you should put the FXS port on another group, for example 1.

It is, 1, 2 & 3 are the FXO. They are group 0.
Port 4 is the FXS. It is set to group 4.
At first they were all group 0 (was the default) I changed it when the FXS phone started ringing after I changed the outgoing route to round robin.

Have you looked at the logs when the second incoming call is made? If nothing shows up on the log, your lines are probably not in a hunt group.

It’s not hunt group related, there are 3 physical POTS lines, each with a DID attached to them. If an incoming call is active on line 1 / DID1, and a call is made to line 2 / DID2 (or line 3 / DID3) it rings and rings and rings to the caller but never on FreePBX. If an analog phone is connected to the DID2 line and the same process is followed, the analog phone rings.

Our old PBX (Vodavi) worked with multiple incoming calls and the busy rollover from the TelCo.

I don’t believe anything is logged for the second call. Are there additional settings outside of FreePBX/Asterisk for the DAHDI card (TDM410P)?

Multiple OUTGOING calls can be made and an incoming and outgoing call can be made at the same time, it id only incoming.