Multiple Hosting

Hi peeps

Just a quick question, is it possible for FreePBX to be used for multiple client hosting? If so, how would I achieve this?

Thanks in advance

I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to do this. Please, if someone has figured it out, do tell!

Out of the box and ready to go no.

There is a bounty being offered to get it developed but not enough people have stepped up. Your requirements are very vertical market compared to many other items on the list of wants for FreePBX.

It is possible with skill, planning and some custom make it happen.

Thanks to all contributors.

I guess what we’re saying here is watch this space and it might happen…possibly maybe but nowhere near the top ten list at present.

Alternatively, find someone who can code ‘partitions’ into the system.

I did it once for a client using custom contexts module.
The setup is pretty involved.
Supposedly Dial Contexts that are coming will break it though.

i dont think it is possible but you can ask your hosting company to do that i hope they will help you.
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