Multiple GVGW Trunks

Trunk name must be unique; but will not validate if trunk name is not

This is an issue as I have 3 GVGW trunks I would like to set up using one system.

Please let me know if I can provide any other info to help. Basically, I can be logged into one trunk or the other, but not two or more at once, since it will not validate if the trunk name is anything other than, and each trunk name must be unique. I’ve tried using the IP, and I’ve also tried inserting credentials for both trunks in one file. Perhaps I have to edit the Asterisk .conf files directly? I already had a peek inside sip_registrations.conf which has the login credentials for all accounts already, but I’m not sure where the host would go.

Change the trunk name. It doesn’t have to be the host name.

I have changed it. If it is not the host name, it will not connect.

Please follow our freepbx configuration guide found on the support site. I recommend configuring as type friend and using auth name matching as described in the guide. This requires that you set the peer name the same as the username, which would be unique for each trunk.

I will try it first thing in the morning. Pretty sure I followed Option one to the tee, but it still did not work. I will let you guys know how it goes. Thank you

Works wonderfully! Thank you all, and top notch service Bill!!!