Multiple freepbx (v15) using one database

300 users? That is it? There is absolutely no need for load balancing on 300 users. It sounds like what I said before, over complicated solution.

Oops typo, should be 3000*

A proper spec’d system can handle that just fine. There is no need to introduce the complications of load balancing having a failover system will suffice.

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cant a rasPBX handle 300 users? XD

but yes. a decent cloud instance can handle 3,000 users just fine.

3000 busy users could well be 300 concurrent calls and 600 concurrent legs would stretch all but the least vanilla instance of FreePBX. As previously alluded to, I would suggest a proper SIP proxy as a front end to such a use case.

Using a proxy is a good idea but load balancing is a bit much here. There is also the fact that Chan_PJSIP can handle higher call loads than Chan_SIP could. Again, a properly spec’d system can handle this. Even more if certain things are offloaded to the proxy. I would suggest, however, turning every unneeded thing off/disable it to ensure none of the resources are wasted.

FreePBX can’t really load balance due to it’s basic design.

Although asterisk has had ‘real-time’ and ‘corosync/heartbeat’ designed in for years , it has had very little love and FreePBX is not at all capable of availing that master/master concept.

Even the "distributed states’ are very limited, and the asteriskdb still remains thread safe but NOT multi-user safe so NO SHARING allowed between any two (or more) of them outside what’s here :-

which might get you mostly ‘load balanced’ with a raw asterisk deployment, perhaps, maybe :wink: . . . but as A PBX, I wouldn’t suggest going that route.

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