Multiple extensions to one user

Hi all,
I am newbie on asterisk.

I have a need:
First of all, I am using a softphone (jitsi) for sip communication, and I need to register more contact numbers to call one single contact. I have to simulate the presence of different contact, but actually there is only one receiver.

Is it possible to configure, I don’t know, multiple inbound routes that point at the same extension?

Thanks a lot,

You can setup multiple inbound routes to the same destination. I don’t even know the limit off-hand.

So, you’ve created an extension? Go to Connectivity -> Inbound routes, create a new one with the next phone number you want to use, and set the destination to the extension.

You can also use follow-me to create multiple extensions and have them simultaneously ring to the same or multiple other extensions.

Hope that helps.